The Event

Open Source India (OSI) is an attempt by the team at Open Source For You magazine in partnership with India’s Open Source community and industry—to bring various stake-holders under one roof. The mission of OSI is simple—to accelerate the development and deployment of Open Source in India, and beyond.

My Experience

I headed there with a team of students from the Open Source Lab at our college hoping to gain more insight into the world of Open source as I was still a beginner. We started our visit with a train ride from Mysore to Bangalore, giving us a good time to chat and discuss what we were all expecting from the event this year.

Upon reaching, we were greeted by the registration stalls where we were all given our respective passes and allowed to enter. Once the event was officially opened we witnessed a variety of stalls promoting open source software and also saw multiple big tech names showcasing their contributions to the field of open source as well. Some notable names include Microsoft and JFrog.

The event was held at a convention center which opened up to an auditorium. The auditorium was host to multiple distinguished speakers as well as very informative panels that discussed hot topics such as the future of Open Source in India, etc.

Upon spending more time at the event we witnessed multiple contests held by the organizers and companies. They kept us on our toes and also offered cool swags for participants.

Overall between running around in search of answers to a treasure hunt or trying to rack our brains for quiz answers, we had a productive and fun experience!

Take-back from event

In a nutshell, the event was well conceptualized and organized. The intentions and objectives of the conference were met as far as we students' perspectives are considered. Personally, I had a better understanding of how some Open Source software companies operated and also got a deeper understanding of how Open Source as a concept can be easily integrated into our workspace.